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You Found Me!

I'm sure you're here because you want to know what you are about to eat... so I'll handle that first.

Sugar Cookie Ingredients:

Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, baking powder, corn starch, vanilla and almond emulsions, meringue powder, confectioners sugar, food coloring and Natural Flavorings

Created in a kitchen that contains: Dairy, Wheat, Nuts, Eggs, Gluten and Carbs

What Next?

I'm so glad you asked! Please take a look around, I am a local baker and artist, right here in Gainesville, Florida. I know you're thinking that these cookies are pretty (and even if you don't... let's pretend for a minute that you do) and because they are pretty they must taste like cardboard - right?!?!?

Well, they don't. I promise. Just ask my kids. Because they are teenagers and they are ridiculously honest. Hormones - am I right?

I pride myself on my cookies tasting as amazing as they look. They should have a soft bite with a slight crunch of the royal icing. Each cookie is baked and decorated by Me - and I love making people smile, so I hope you are smiling right now.

I teach cookie decorating classes and love making fun things for the holidays and for your special occasions. I can also print directly onto a cookie, so corporate logos are my jam!

friends cookie.jpg


Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and take a look around!

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