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Hi! I'm Melissa, and I love to paint and bake, so why not combine my two passions and make edible art.... the answer was cookies! I also enjoy some crazy things like Triathlon, Running, and spending time with my family.

To better tell you more about me, who better to ask than my family?  They are completely honest about everything - even when they think I'm being ridiculous.

Gabriel (age 12): My mom bakes the best chocolate chip cookies ever, I asked her to bake them for me instead of a birthday cake this year. She can paint and draw. She is silly and a goof. She loves church and dancing (even though she's a horrible dancer). She can't even floss. My mom loves her boys, and our doggie. She loves me and never forgets to tell me she loves me, but I love her more. 

Zachary (age 10): My mom is an artist. She is super silly, loves to snuggle and watch movies with me. Her cookies are so yummy, like you don't understand. 10 million stars, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  They are super duper yummy. And they are pretty, but yummy, too.

And she's the best mom in the whole world.

Amazing Grace Confections operates in a Cottage Kitchen and is not subject to routine government safety inspections

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